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Industrial Consulting GmbH
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Dr.-Ing. Peter Haß
Dr.-Ing. Peter Haß
Tel.: +49 (0)30 - 38 37 75 -82
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Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Scholz
Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Scholz
Tel.: +49 (0)30 - 38 37 75 -83
Mobil: +49 (0)160 - 71 08 357
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Our Competence
Unsere Kompetenz
For more than thirty years we work as engineers in the field of gas supply, especially gas grids and stations. Starting from planning and realisation our business model has moved over the years towards consulting. This fact mainly results from our contacts and experience with many utility companies (Transport/Distribution/ Storage System Operators) and their equipment. This enabled us to acquire detailed knowledge as well as an excellent overview for its possibilities and/or typical problems. Our know-how and potential of experience we use in order to support our customers to realize important projects or to introduce operational or technical changes.
Highly Motivated Team
Our staff is a team that plays well together. They represent special knowledge as well as wide horizon. This is due to long experience and the ability to learn permanently

Project Control & Supervision

Surveyance and balancing of the key factors technique, time schedule and cost are the base of successful project management and fulfilment. Originating from our own experience as well as serving our customers we collected and got ample experience for even complex projects. Successful project management means also the sum of correct decisions. This starts at planning and ends at reasonable coordination of the sequence of set to operation steps. A set of tools at the state of the art for planning and current survey is used and will support us in this work.
Key Factors for Successful Plant Erection and Project Management
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Innovative Thinking

Innovative thinking and reliable engineering is a fundamental understanding of our work aiming to find and design forward-looking solutions. This will be done in close cooperation with our customer to fit smoothly into the economic frame. We do not hesitate to propose unconventional solutions which may be realised according to customer’s judgement.