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Our Competence
Unsere Kompetenz
For more than thirty years we work as engineers in the field of gas supply, especially gas grids and stations. Starting from planning and realisation our business model has moved over the years towards consulting. This fact mainly results from our contacts and experience with many utility companies (Transport/Distribution/ Storage System Operators) and their equipment. This enabled us to acquire detailed knowledge as well as an excellent overview for its possibilities and/or typical problems. Our know-how and potential of experience we use in order to support our customers to realize important projects or to introduce operational or technical changes.
Highly Motivated Team
Our staff is a team that plays well together. They represent special knowledge as well as wide horizon. This is due to long experience and the ability to learn permanently

Planning Support and Consulting

In the course and as a result of many different consulting tasks, especially studies and requirement specifications, we have built a data base of many “standard specifications” which are based on our methods and check lists. Workflow oriented modelling, objective views for the identification and representation of user/process functions are our preferred working techniques.
Activities for the Energy Business
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Innovative solutions

Content, structure and work-flow of business processes are key factors and thus responsible for the success of requested operational or technical improvements. We elaborated vertical analysis and studies for the leading companies in the gas supply business which led with respect to the liberalised environment to optimised work-flow and portfolio-management. With our customers we work continuously on innovative solutions of many short and long term questions in order to balance regional energy capacities and achieve open market access under operational and technical aspects. Our solutions have supported the top management always in a long lasting manner.

Scientific Consulting, Competence Network Backup

If required, we cooperate with other experts/scientists of our competence network to cover all necessary tasks.

Relying on our background of long experience for plants/equipment of energy supply, guidance of transport and distribution processes we are best enabled to analyse and solve tasks at your site efficiently, too.

Network Guidance and Control

Already in the early 80th we developed own advanced concepts to apply consumption forecast, simulation (GANESI) and operator guidance tools for gas suppliers/utility companies. These were followed soon by strategic studies and realisations which afterwards had been published in technical magazines and on congresses.   A special reference for our work is an important project from RWE Gas called "Eurocontrol Gas" which comprised the concept of a supranational integration of all control centres for all affiliated companies.

Process Control, SCADA

We have sound knowledge of SCADA-systems for the energy market. This is accompanied by continuous observation of the market and reinforced by tender invitation. The technical spectrum extends from visualisation via communication techniques to PLC and equipment selection which is our core competence. Our expert contacts to both user/operator and manufacturer enable us to objective insight into product performance and weakness beyond advertisement.

Excellent reference is proved in all these fields of our expertise: compressor stations, underground storage stations, mixing stations, transport and distribution systems/networks.

Additional Expertise

We extended our expertise in the field of logistics and legal framework in order to answer many actual questions concerning the liberalised market and/or open network access in general and detail. Our customers always estimated our solutions/recommendations and elaborated strategies. IPSOS IC is also a business partner for the network analysis program STANET from Fischer-Uhrig Engineering. Here we model gas networks and execute computations in various ways. A special expertise is gas quality tracking in distribution networks (incl. biogas injection, etc).

For large networks (e.g. Berlin, Munic) we developed with our business partners optimisation concepts and action plans.